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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

Take advantage of our expert maintenance services to enjoy safe and effective garage door operation.

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Gate Repair Service Provider

Gate Repair Service Provider

Your search for high quality garage door repair including gate installation has ended, as our company offers you both!

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Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Repair Services

Our team renders a wide range of professional garage repair services.

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Brilliant crew for residential garage door maintenance services

Here are our top garage door repair tips that have been tested over time. Useful also for DIY enthusiasts.

Do you love your home?

You must never forget that everything within a house is connected. For example, if you neglect garage door service or to insulate your old garage doors, you will not have good temperatures indoors and you will pay higher amounts on electricity bills for lost energy.

Maintain the little parts

Never underestimate the importance of the little and secondary garage door parts. Small malfunctions can create great problems unexpectedly that will eventually cost you more in money. You should take care of the hinges, rollers and garage door brackets to ensure the stable performance of the door.

Which door material to choose?

Garage door materials are very durable and according to Garage Door Repair Rowland Heights your choice should depend from your personal preferences, budget and property needs, but you must also consider the subsequent garage door repair costs. Wood, for example, needs constant care and glass regular and good cleaning.

Change the spring when changing the panel

New garage doors are heavier and the springs won't lift them causing trouble to the whole system as experts at Garage Door Repair Rowland Heights say.

Painting preparation for your door

The key to a quality and lasting paint finish is proper preparation. Remove any dirt or grime, spots of rust and peeling paint from the door. Be sure to properly clean and dry the door before beginning to paint. Garage Door Repair Rowland Heights recommends taping the edges to prevent paint on siding or door frames. You can also protect the floor from drips and spills by lifting the door slightly and placing cardboard, plastic or a tarp underneath.

Partly opening garage door

If the garage door opens partly and then reverses, first check if anything is obstructing the door and if the sensors are working correctly. Try operating the door manually and check for noise, imbalance and weight. Remember to never increase the opener's travel force as this may damage the opener gear.

Add garage door windows properly

Garage door windows are obligatory but they are a great idea for those spending time in the garage and needing natural light or for aesthetic reasons. The experts of our garage door company in Rowland Heights insist that windows must be installed properly and must be sealed appropriately or air drafts will come in. It's best to get smoke or milk glass to protect your privacy.

Be aware of the tracks

Most overhead garage doors have vertical, curved and horizontal tracks. In fact, garage door tracks are considered some of the most important components of overhead systems since they allow the movement of the door. For this reason, they must be cleaned, lubricated and aligned properly. Watch out when you drive the car and fix possible dents, which may prevent garage door rollers from moving properly.

Balance test on garage doors

For automated garage doors, make sure that it is turned off before you perform the balance test. Pull it down like a manual door and release it. If it drops down on its own, it means that the torsion springs must be replaced. If it hangs then it is still good.

Damaged garage doors

Even if there is a slight damage and you keep using the door in the current state it is in, it will only cause more damage - maybe to a point that it can no longer be repaired. You should hire our professionals to help as soon as possible.

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